Letter: Kinetic vitality equation may help minimize auto emissions

A very long time in the past a components was devised for calculating kinetic vitality, the vitality wanted to maneuver a physique from one place to a different.

This vitality (E) was depending on each the mass (M) of the physique and the pace or velocity (V) at which it moved and is written as E=1/2M occasions V squared. This components is instantly relevant to the vitality utilized by motor automobiles when transferring from A to B.

Latest vitality conservation discussions have targeted virtually completely on the supply of the vitality (“Britishvolt gigafactory in talks for £200m state support”, Report, October 27). Nonetheless, it might be helpful to look extra intently on the right-hand elements of the components, when vitality discount is the aim.

Think about two automobiles — one weighing 1,000kg and travelling at 50mph, and the opposite weighing 2,000kg and travelling at 70mph. Utilizing the components for kinetic vitality, the lighter, slower automobile would solely eat about one quarter of the vitality utilized by the bigger, sooner automobile.

Thus vitality saving objectives may very well be achieved by two comparatively easy modifications to present taxation and visitors laws.

The primary can be to introduce, over time, a highway tax based mostly on the sq. of a automobile’s weight and the second change can be to have a nationwide pace restrict of say 50mph. Modifications to present laws may very well be drawn up by our unfailingly competent parliamentary draftsmen over the course of a day.

Whether or not legislators would take into account accepting the legislative adjustments is one other matter.

You could not bear in mind J Bonington Jagworth — the creation of the Peter Easy column within the Each day Telegraph who was chief of the militant Motorists’ Liberation Entrance and defender of “the fundamental proper of each motorist to drive as quick as he pleases, how he pleases and over what or whom he pleases”. However his spirit and that of his vocal successors and supporters remains to be robust within the land and should effectively override the logic of the kinetic vitality equation.

J Wilson Carswell
Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, UK

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